Growtopia Guide

Growtopia Guide 2017

If you are a first-time player on Growtopia, you will immediately fall in love with this engaging sandbox game. The game is available for all those Android and iOS devices users. Also, users of Mac and Windows are not left out; they can also download the game for PCs. There are several features that allow one to have an ideal start off in the game. As a new player, you need to understand various things that will help you have an advantage when you start off. The following are important factors that you need to think about when getting started with Growtopia:
Items and Clothingwhat is growtopia
In the game, to get items and clothing, it can be done through the splicing of other seeds. There are certain items that have an exception, including cave backgrounds, dirt, lava, and rocks, together with some event items. If you want to place the items, you will need to select it and then tap on the screen. If you want to wear clothing, you will need to tap twice on the clothing that you are trying to wear.
Wrench info about growtopia
In Growtopia, the wrench icon gives the player ability to edit any properties of items that you can edit. For instance, you can restrict access to a House Entrance to the public, or give access to the public. The wrench can growtopia cheats also be used by the player to look at the worlds they have locked. If used on another player, it shows their trade option. It will open the trade menu. If there is a world lock active, you can ban them from your world.
Gems in this game are used by the player to purchase items from the store. Items or locks can be purchased from the store. In Growtopia, gems can be accumulated using different ways, including:
* Breaking trees and items
* Through the recycling of items once you get the recycle icon in your inventory.
* By purchasing gems from the store.
* Tapjoy, which is a feature that growtopia hack is also found in the store.
These are vital features that you need to be aware of when playing Growtopia. There are still many more things that you will be able to learn as you continue playing.

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