How To Hack Clash Royale And Get Gems

How To Hack Clash Royale And Get Gems


Are you one of the millions that play the Supercell hit Clash Royale everyday? If so, you might have noticed a prompt to update your app from the App Store or Play Store with the biggest update yet.

Clash Royale is a card based game where you’re tasked to destroy your opponent’s towers with a wide variety of troops to choose from. It can be played solo or in 2 vs 2 settings, and today Supercell released Epic Quests and new game modes to enhance the great game even more.

In addition to adding quests, and new game modes, Supercell also revamped the Shop to enhance deals of troop cards and is now even giving away a free epic card every Sunday.

I’m already a huge fan of the new Touchdown mode. You’re tasked with trying to get a single troop across the opponent’s goal line, in place clash royale of trying to destroy towers. It’s a fun new way to test new strategies while understanding your troops unique skill sets differently.

If you haven’t tried Clash Royale yet, you should really give it a chance. It’s 100% free to play, with absolutely no ads to distract or ruin the game experience. You do have the option of in-app purchases, but clash royale hack that’s completely optional and doesn’t necessarily add to the gaming experience. You’re paired against competitors who have similar leveled troops so in-app purchases never throw off the balance of the game.