4 Additional Ways to Obtain Unlimited Currency in My Cafe


In my cafe game, we know the importance of currency, and most of the operations are completing with a certain amount of currency. The game is all about working in a cafe, and millions of players are playing such a game. It is handy for everyone, but currency collection is challenging tasks for every player. If you are going to grab the currency, then you can take some currency by the use of my cafe recipes & stories hack. The hack is quick way, and it does not breach any policy of the game.

Enough amount of currency is the basic need for upgrading various things, and here you will get help by several ways for obtaining diamonds and much more currency.

Get more orders

You are the owner of the cafe, and for a high amount of revenue, you have to get more orders. All the orders are related to foods. Finish all the orders to grow up in the game and maintain the value of your cafe.

Smash the events

Events are the easiest way for currency because in which you can only participate. These come with various small tasks, and we have to complete them easily. All the events are related to the storyline of the game.

Daily login for extra currency

Daily login is providing many kinds of currencies and some special spices for quality food. For that, you have to play in the game daily. Coins are getting with such options, and the extra amount of currency is giving many kinds of benefits. The players also gain the currency by login with facebook ID.

Purchase with free tools 

In the game, the currency is also purchasable with real money, and it makes your game much better. Currency is helpful for unlocking new objects and furniture. On the internet, many online ways are also available for free. My cafe recipes & stories hack best for unlimited currency.